1-A communication plan provides for a general media sensitization build up via the audio-visual and written press that will start in September to climax in December.  

2-It is foreseen that activities will start on Saturday November 28th 2015 via a launching Gala at the Mbengwi Council Hall.

3-An open air ecumenical service that demonstrate our multi-cultural and multi-denominational belief and trust in one God Almighty is foreseen for Sunday 29th November to open activities and on Sunday 3rd of January 2016 to close all activities.

4-While Guneku village shall be the center of the event, activities are expected to interest and touch all the other villages who have been invited to participate.

5-Some key activities will involve the Fon’s fraternal visit to all the other 28 Meta Fondoms inviting them officially to the coronation ceremony. This is a novelty in the Meta land and is packed with meaning.

6-Exhibitive and competitive sporting and cultural activities will involve all Meta villages willing to participate with trophies going to the best performers without any form of prejudice whatsoever

A month of activities in Guneku.

Guneku In Focus

    • The coronation of the Fon of Guneku shall be a grand premier in Meta as all villages of the clan are invited and encouraged to participate – a practical exhibition of Meta fraternity & Solidarity..
    • Royal Fraternity: The Fon shall pay a fraternal courtesy and solidarity visit to all the other Fondoms of the clan. In this way the Fon will personally and physically pay homage to and invite his peers to witness his coronation.

Ecumenical Launching

      The Launching of activities which will be on….. Shall honor the ecumenical composition of Guneku. Service shall hold in open air at a School Field or any suitable open space.

Hot Activities

      In the build up, Meta in general and Guneku in particular will be a very hot destination for tourism, entertainment and relaxation. Socio-cultural and sporting activities to keep the village hot throughout

Royal Communion & Blessings

      These activities shall be marked by the Fons unannounced occasional and sporadic majestic appearances and gestures of encouragement to participating groups and teams..

Royal Receptions

      The Fon shall receive guests who may be flogging into the palace to get to know more about the village. Custodians of the traditional history and heritage are on hand to relate.

Ecumenical Thanksgiving

    On the Sunday following the coronation, the people of Guneku assemble again in an ecumenical service of thanksgiving for parting blessings.

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