HRN Fon Fomuki Patrick Nji , was born on2/1/1938 to late Fon FomukiWilliam Tabot and Late Mama Ngum Fomuki in Guneku village. He was the first of a set of male twins one of whom passed away. He had many brothers and sisters most of whom were older than him.

He attended theRCMschool in Njindom in the early fifties as a grown up but very briefly as he left school only after standard 3. He learnt tailoring, a profession in which he excelled and became an expert in stitching youth styles- boggy boggy with flat face etc. At the demise of his father in 1965, P.N Fomuki was crowned successor as per his father's will, known and called Fon Fomuki Patrick Nji.

Soon after his ascertion to the throne at the youthful age of 27, his first task was to bring together some rebellious quarters of the village. He embarked on the development of the entire village by making roads and building bridges and schools. He encouraged citizens to build better houses, himself being the architect. He could be seen supervising any projects including church houses both in Guneku and beyond. The Guneku palace which has been transformed into a touristic site is a shouting example of his ingenuity.

The palace has been visited by ambassadors, Ministers, Governors, prefects and other dignitaries. The palace was selected and recognized among others by H.E. the MINISTER of Arts and Culture, Amah Tutu Muna as some of its antiquities were chosen for international exhibition. The Fon launched a vigorous campaign against HIV AIDS pandemic known as “Fons against AIDS”.

It attracted Government attention and support and almost all Fons of Momo weremembers. Fon Fomuki Patrick never let go any opportunity that came his way. He used the N.G.O Fons against Aids to travel abroad taking along some of his colleague Fons. His popular slogan was, “talking and doing”. He sent many Guneku and Meta children to learn business skills from the Ibos in Cameroon most of whom are doing well in the business world. As an ambitious and pushful leader he made friends and contacts wherever he went.

Be it in Cameroon, Nigeria, Germany, U.S.A, and the Vatican where he met the Pope. To him nothing was impossible. Nevertheless, all was not a bed of roses for him.As a proud and outspoken person that he was he certainly disagreed with some people on certain issues but he was quick to reconcile and adjust.

As a custodian of the culture and tradition of Meta he never failed to acknowledge the fact that he was a descendant of the Nyen Fondom. That was just a tip of the ice-berg of the life of a Fon who even while on his sick bed cracked jokes and made people feel relieved. We can rightly claim that despite all odds his 50years on the throne saw a lot of face lift in our land. Our tradition holds, he has disappeared briefly to re-appear in a better form. “ the Fon is missing , the Fon has come back”. He leaves behind many wives, children, grand and great grand children and the people of Guneku to mourn him. He is reappearing in a better form.

Wriiten by Mr. Akwe Thadeus Acho (Notable)

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