The People Receive The Returning Fon

A Public Coronation

On the 28 Of January 2015, the Fon of Guneku, Fon Patrick Fomuki the II, left the palace on an emergency call to a long journey. About a month latter he returned but promised to present himself to the people to tell them what news he brought back at a much later but very appropriate time. That time is the 30TH of December 2016. This presentation to the people of Meta in general and Guneku in particular by the Fon is so packed with meaning and expectation that the people are leaving no stone unturned as they prepare to receive the Fon back home and especially, listen to the message he brought back from that emergency journey. The Fon and the people of Guneku intend to use this God-given opportunity to usher in a new era in the Guneku village way of life and to stretch out a much needed hand of fraternity and solidarity to the entire Meta Clan.

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