Those who know of Guneku will agree with this writer that he was a no nonsense man. A man who stood for his idea believing same to be correct no matter the outcome A Fearless man he was no matter. He gave many titles to himself the most popular being COUNTRY MAN and he succeeded in achieving many things the country man way.

He travelled wide and large. USA, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Nigeria and so on and so forth. He met and communed with many personalities whenever he thinks he has a matter hemay want him do for him. He will be there. He met ministers, ambassadors, directors, governors, diplomats and other colleagues Fons within and out of Cameroon. He met men of God, the Pope, Moderator, T.B Joshua etc. and lobbied with many to open their branches in Guneku.

A developmental strategy, its it? He was a lover of progress, a crusader of development, an architect who never went to a polytech or engineering school. A catechist, who never went to a seminary, a driver, who never attended a driving school. He was a pilot, sailor, taper, hunter, weaver, tailor , call him anything ,he was and most admirable is that he was approachable.

If you did not go to him, he will come to you; he will meet you at your building site and teach or show you what and how to do it. This was most pleasurable to him. Many a son of this village and beyond have benefited from his largess in one way or the other. CHIEF FOMUKI P.N V whose life we are today celebrating had moved round the world for one reason or the other to make sure things work well for others.WHATAGREATMANINDEED

It would be recalled that: The tourism season December 1998 was launched in Guneku by Governor Kouambo Adrien.

The visit of the American ambassador to Guneku

The visit of theAmerican consulate to Guneku

The coronation ofAmaTutu Muna as “Mafor”o f Me t a i n Guneku and other celebrations in Guneku were all inf luenced by him.

MAN OF W I S D O M so therefore, as recorded in the scriptures. What a man sows so shall he reap. His endeavors did not go unnoticed; his efforts earned him recognitions and awards namely; The interreligious and international federation f o r w o r l d p e a c e a w a r d e d h i m “AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE” by United Nations on 2001.

A certificate as HONORARY PRESIDENT No.1 OF THE FONS for the fight against HIV/AIDS.(FANGO)

An award from the embassy of the united states of America in recognition of his successful completion of the SEMINAR ON CONFLICT RESOLUTIONB'da 14-16 Feb. 2000.

Are recognition and encouragement award by the FOCHAM & ENJOH'S family for his RELENTLES S EF FORTS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF FATHERLAND GUNEKU.

This may not be all but to cut a long story short chief Fomuki was AUTHORITATIVE, FIRM AND STRICT yet and above all APPROACHABLE and all this put together earned him the acclaimed VENERATEDFONof our mother land Meta. May his new coming blend and consolidate, add and subtract where applicable so that

Guneku village maintains her front line position LONG LIVE KING FOMUKI of GUNEKU.

By Waneborebod Albert NGANJO

National Language Broadcaster C.R.T.V.

Publicity S.G. MECUDA.

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