Tributes from NW  Fons

Some north west fons paid their tributes to the people of guneku after Fon Patrick Fomuki the II, left the palace on an emergency call to a long journey.



It's with much sympathy that I write this tribute in honour of Fon Fomuki whom I fondly called “Contri Man”. You were a jovial and a peace loving ruler. Though an elderly ruler you had the ability to associate and interact with your peers..
You had love for education and the assistance you gave in order to educate the sons and daughters of Guneku can not be over emphasized. I hope the Guneku people will emulate the virtues of friendship, progress and hardwork that you stood for. It's the handy work of God and I have lost a good friend. I extend my sincere sympathy to your family and to the people of Guneku. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.



The relationship between you and my father was smooth and cordial.You extended it to me since 2001. I enjoyed it and it looks like you trusted it..
This should look like why you invited me to your royal palace, took me to you bedroom and instructed me on what should be done as you transit. I thank you for this confidence, and I am doing just what you instructed, this with the help of you people, the princes, princesses and the queens, not living out the Kwifor. I understood your lifestyle and what you stood for regarding Meta land. It was at times controversial, but I was able to make it with you. I am aware of the problems you had, some real others less so. With your family, we will try to bring peace where there was conflict and understanding where there wasn't. You know king; I was particularly pleased with you when, at the last hour, you reconciled with the king of Nyen,. your genitor. This is comparable with the biblical pardon granted to the thief by the Lord, unjustly crucified. I thank God for this especially as I am working closely with the king of Nyen (and others) to ensure a smooth transition in the kingdom of Guneku. Adieu grand frère.




You had a great gift of eloquence and wit which you had to use to do many good things to glorify the name of God and for the benefit of mankind. Your departure is a great loss of a great gift of eloquence and wit. I thank God before your departure you tried to repair the broken relation between father and son when on the 27th January 2015 you insistently told me, your bio-traditional father, “I leave the people in your hands. I thank you that the son you left behind for me to place on the throne you occupied and for the many children you offered opportunity to, for them to thrive in this life. On their behalf, and by virtue of my status of father, I pray that the God Almighty, our Father in Heaven should forgive you all your trespasses and admit you into his kingdom of everlasting glory. I know you will consider this, in addition to the clean heart I demonstrated to you on your last days in this world as acts of reconciliation and forgiveness. Yes it is true! We all sin and run short of the glory of God but how soon we ask for forgiveness, is the other side of the coin. Meta people say, “The back has no eyes.” Adieu,Myson,Adieu.



Finally we all knew COUNTRYMANOF GUNEKU IN NOWEFU Northwest Fons Union and Cameroon at large.. Your diversity has speed up younger Fons to action which today l e a v e s mo s t o f t h em a t immeasurable heights. Thanks for your vision. If we never learnt from you at the level of Meta Fons, then we have learnt at the NorthWest Fons Union. You have in no mean way, practiced most liberal political and religious life one can imagine, though this exposed you to much criticism you have not only taught your children and mighty Guneku the lesson of RECONCILATION at your departure but everyone else who knows you, must learn this wholesome lesson. I am sure that your children and good friends will find reason to give continuity to any good venture you initiated. Its time the Guneku community and Meta people remember one of your business titles “WAKE UPEts” and wake up to actions of dignity while you rest of you worldly toils.



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